Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The name is Trey. No one calls me Ralph Rude. I just like how it sounds (maybe it'll catch on).
I'm a 19 year old college sophomore at the University of Miami.
I call Richmond, VA home when I feel like it.
My head plays host to some of the most random, yet real thoughts possible, and I find it unforgivably selfish to be so young and wise and not share my insight with the rest of you.

From now until I feel like stopping, this blog will be a museum for all that I have to say, open to any questions, comments, criticism, and curse words you may have as a result.

Don't take anything I say personally. I mean you can if you want, but there's a 97% chance I won't care if you do, so it'd kinda be a waste of time is my point.

Life is hard. Get a condom.

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