Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rude's Theory of Relevancy

Another day another topic. I'm trying to do a post a day until you people realize I'm forreal about this blogging stuff. Those of you who know me know I'm pretty anti-blogger because most people just get on here and sound like fruit cups. Then a friend of mine (over at, you should check him out) showed me what blogging could be. But we digress.

No, the title is not in error. I am aware that Einstein's theory was of RELATIVITY and not relevancy. Why I am aware of that? Because I'm probably smarter than you. There it is. I said it. But we digress.

All to often, people are deterred from doing what they really want to do because of how others will view it. The fear of being judged stops us on a constant basis. Let's pause for a minute. Why should what anyone thinks have ANY bearing on what you do? I'll give you the only three reasons I could come up with:

1) The person in question is in a position to end my life.

You hold a gun to my head, I'm probably not gonna act on too many impulses. Unless defecating on myself counts as acting on impulse.

2) I love the person in question.

I mean STRONG love. Either I came out of your womb, we came out of the same womb, or I came in your womb (on purpose of course).

3) The person in question is in a position to make my life better.
...and by "make my life better", I mean pay me.

If a person falls under none of these three categories, their opinion might as well go in a fortune cookie.

I mean no disrespect to my fellow citizens of the world, but there are about 6.7 billion people on this planet (300 million in this country alone), and not nearly enough time for me to pretend to care about all of your opinions.

"Rude, you talk a lot dude, can you get to the point?"
Firstly, if that's what you were thinking, screw you. This is my blog and I say what I want in as many words as I please.
Secondly, my point is this: do what the hell you want.

Unless someone falls into one of the aforementioned categories, there is NO reason they should stop you from doing any and everything you want to do. Their opinion is irrelevant. Yes people will judge you, but until I'm in a position to marry, kill, or hire you, what difference does it make if I think you're a hoe, a clown, a jackass or whatever people may think you are?

This doesn't go to say that you should burn every bridge you have, but hell, most of us have too many bridges anyway, and over accommodation is one of the world's most overlooked problems (there's nothing wrong with loving from a distance).

I guess this all stems from my dealings with a bunch of people pleasers. If you're NOT a people pleaser, you can disregard the following message, but: working towards the goal of satisfying others can only bring you so close towards your own satisfaction before you spiral in the opposite direction (and there aren't too many people looking out for your satisfaction outside of the people in two out of the three aforementioned categories).

So I guess the moral of today's rambling is this: f*ck what everyone thinks, live your life, have fun, be happy.

Until next time folks. Remember to laugh. There's always someone uglier than you.

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