Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How the Internet Ruined Cool Shit

Almost two years since my last post.

Why? Because.

Because the internet ruined cool shit. Forever.
It's so easy for everyone to make whack shit now and share it with the world. SO EASY.

Once upon a time, you had to go through the process of making whack shit, hoping someone important with a bit of extra money would notice your whack shit, and use their money/networking to help spread your whack shit to the masses.

NOW?! Now you can say/do some whack shit on twitter to a bunch of followers who can spread your whack shit even further with the click of a button, and BAM, now your whack shit is cool shit.

Maybe this is the pot calling a bunch of kettles black. Maybe this blog is whack (in which case I'd like to blame all of you, for I am merely a product of my environment).

Once upon a time in order for you to read this, I would've had to sit behind a computer the size of Texas, type this out, and submit it to a publisher of some sort.

Now? I did this from an iPad. Straight up. Nobody proofread this. Nobody checked behind me. This could be whack, and I wouldn't even know it. All of this because apparently, it wasn't enough to JUST make the internet. After they made the internet, they decided people couldn't share their whack shit quickly enough. They made the internet faster. THEN, they decided people shouldn't have to pay a bunch of money to use the internet, so prices started dropping, and broke folk started sharing their whack shit with rick folk, rich whack shit and broke whack shit just got all merged into a giant cornucopia of whack shit.

But wait... "why should I have to sit at this desk while I formulate and disseminate my whack shit?" said some super smart, super whack dude who decided to invent WiFi. "Aha! Now I can say and do whack shit from any of these beanbag chairs in the student commons as I watch TRL, and publish it without moving a muscle," he said with content.

"BUT WAIT!" said the people with the Nokia brick phones. "What if we could cut out the computer altogether and just skeet whack shit out of this cell phone?!" And the rest was history.

I took a hiatus from writing this blog because I lost the inspiration to write. There was so much whack shit parading around in cool shit's clothing, that it became difficult to distinguish the concepts I try to develop here from the sea of whack shit surrounding it. And that hasn't changed.

But I'm giving this another shot for all those who are tired of settling for whack shit. For people who feel entitled to the cool shit buried under this Wi-Fi cloud of whack shit. I'm giving this another shot in hopes that cool shit can become... well, COOL again.

Also, because I got super bored at work.

Until next time folks. Remember to laugh. There's always someone uglier than you.

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