Saturday, June 19, 2010

Legalize It

The name of this post already tells you all you need to know about what this post will touch on, so if your closed little mind has already decided that you don't like what I'm about to say, I invite you to open your kitchen drawer, find the sharpest knife, and head-butt it. Repeatedly.

Back to the blogging.

I sincerely believe that the time for this country to legalize marijuana has come and gone. Repeatedly. Because there are DEFINITELY more reasons to do it than not to do it. This post is in no way an admission of my use of marijuana. I'm not trying to advocate the use of it. I'm simply advocating the legalization of it. Which, I guess, is some indirect way of advocating the use of it. So if that's what you wanted to hear me do so you can cast this aside as illegitimate: Smoke weed. Sue me.

Economically it makes sense. No matter how broke people are, they still manage to have weed on them. It never ceases to amaze me. Of course there'd still be drug dealers and people selling weed illegally, but I also know people who sell stolen TVs and computers. Last I checked TVs and computers were still perfectly legal.

But most importantly, weed has never done anything to anyone. Guns, alcohol, swine flu, HIV, have ALL killed or even more people than weed. Make guns illegal. Make alcohol illegal. Make sneezing illegal. Make unprotected sex illegal. Not very logical is it?

Not only could the government potentially make money off of the legalized sale of Marijuana, they could save the money they spend on all of those senseless "above the influence" anti marijuana campaigns they sponsor. Have you all seen those? What about the one with the the poorly drawn dog and boy and the dog is all "I wish my owner would do more stuff, but he's always too high to do anything."? Have you seen it? It's freaking stupid. They NEVER show what the owner was like BEFORE he got hight. Spoiler alert: he was STILL a lazy bastard. Marijuana does not do that to you. Willie Nelson and Bob Marley seemed to accomplish quite a bit smoking marijuana. On second thought, perhaps Bob Marley wasn't the best example to use right there. What about Barack Obama? He smoked once upon a time. I'd say he's doing alright for himself.

Let's talk about the sober cobras making these PSAs in the first place. Seeing as they already KNOW that stupid little 30 second spot is going to be completely ignored by 97% of the people watching it, why do they still do it? Because they don't have anything better to do. Maybe if they smoked, they'd think of something productive to do.

Marijuana simply combines the good effects of alcohol and smoking anything else, while subtracting most of the bad ones. It doesn't make people belligerent. Studies have shown that there is no increased lung cancer risk introduced with the use of marijuana. So WHAT ARE WE DOING?!

The only thing that making such a seemingly harmless substance illegal does is give overly righteous citizens more to police the more realistic people on. You all know the goody two-shoes asserting their unsolicited opinions all the time? "Why do you need to get high? Blah blah blah I watch Dawson's Creek and wear a promise ring." Here's how you handle those people: you feed them hash brownies. Anybody with THAT much free time to crusade against something that's not causing any harm against anyone should MapQuest the nearest cliff and jump.

What are the cons? Seriously? Sure, the smell lingers but so does cigarette smoke, and cigarette's are still perfectly legal. If you don't agree with smoking marijuana, don't do it. It's that simple. No really. It is.

Until next time folks. Remember to laugh. There's always someone uglier than you.

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  1. Bob Marley was Rastafarian he smoked as part of his religion, and drugs containing marijuana are legal in the UK for medical use so that's coming to the US soon. I just think smoking is a waste of time (and no I don't watch Dawsons Creek). But then again I drink & that can be considered a waste of time so maybe I shouldn't talk :/

  2. Yeah, Bob Marley's religion is fairly irrelevant to the point I was making, but I love you anyway. And you are entirely correct, drinking is an even bigger waste of time than smoking, as it's much more impairing. So no. You should not talk. Like I said, there's nothing wrong with not agreeing with smoking, but you don't have to crusade against it.

    On a serious note, I appreciate the comment. Keep 'em coming.